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Install and Repair
Vander Hyde Critical Power Systems can Service, Install, and Repair your DC Powerplant regardless whether it is the 8,000A Big Plant or a Single Tier Distribution. VanderHyde Mechanical Inc. can Service, Install, and Repair your Single Phase UPS Units, Rectifiers, and Inverters. We can also provide Scheduled Preventative Maintenance for your Standby Generator System, UPS Batteries and Fans, and your DC Power Plant Battery System.

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Cordex System 48V 8000A

The Argus Cordex 432kW power system provides high capacity DC power for large communications applications. The Cordex 432kW system combines the capabilities of distribution, advanced microprocessor based supervision, and modular rectifiers in a seamless integrated package. Shunt mux option provides single point monitoring of branch distribution with data logging features. The Cordex 432kW system is cost effective due to the internal copper busswork, and is delivered ready to assemble with factory-tested components. No overhead support is required. Cable access is from the top for standard installations and bottom for computer floor applications. Hot swappable Cordex power modules and internal busswork provide safe and easy installation and maintenance.

  • 2000 to 8000A Capacity
  • Designed for central offices and cable headend facilities
  • Cordex 3.6kW modular rectifiers
  • Circuit breaker and TPL fuse options
  • Internal Bay-to-Bay copper busswork
  • Expandable power and distribution bays

Grounding Systems Learn More
Basic Functions
While all of the functions above are distinctly unique, some ground systems can serve two or more functions quite effectively. A ground screen, counterpoise, or ground radial system below the antenna can reduce local noise sensitivity by reducing the antenna's response to local noise. This would apply to a horizontally polarized antenna, because earth losses can cause the wave to tilt and have vertical response. As we all know, vertically polarized signal propagate along the earth with much less attenuation than horizontally polarized signals. Ground rods have no effect on this, it requires something that actually covers the lossy earth under the horizontally polarized antenna.
  • To help disperse or divert energy from lightning strikes.
  • To provide safety in case some problem or fault energizes the cabinet orĀ  chassis of equipment with dangerous voltages.
  • To provide a controlled RF return path for end-fed (single wire feed) or poorly configured or improperly designed transmission-line fed antennas.
  • To provide a highly conductive path for induced or directly coupled radio-frequency currents, rather than having them flow in lossy soil.
We love our Generator!
We recently purchased our automatic standby generator from Vander Hyde. The whole experience was great! The installation went super smoth, it was all done and over in one day. We recently got to put our generator to the test during a power outage, what a great sound to hear the generator come on all by itself and TADA!! Let there be light. Even got to blowdry and curl my hair before heading into the kid's school to volunteer. Thanks Guys, Great Job!!

Great Service
Very prompt and honest service, will definetely call them in the future!

Awesome Service!
These guys came right out when we called, and they had the issue handled quickly. The price is a little steep, but they seem trustworthy and are prompt and that's worth a few extra bucks. Would definitely call them again.